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Introducing The Grass Menagerie's Digital Assets!

The Grass Menagerie is proud to introduce to the community our very own Digital Assets: $GRASS and $RESIN. Without reading the full explanation of what these Digital assets are and what they will be used for, $GRASS is going to be our payments token so when ever you do business with The Grass Menagerie or buy ANY of our products you will receive $GRASS. Now $GRASS is not like any other "Reward token" where there is only ONE use and that is for turning it in for discounts, no $GRASS will be a fully functional Digital asset that holds long-term value by being apart of a much larger ecosystem that The Grass Menagerie is building in the backround. As for $RESIN, this will be our second Digital asset that will be obtained by only our closest followers. Everytime The Grass Menagerie hits a major milestone, or HARVESTS we will Sprinkle some $RESIN in your Wallet as a Thank you for supporting us on our journey. $RESIN will come with a whole separate list of benefits associated with its holders that could include but are not limited to: VIP PRE-Release Genetics, Free 3-month 1-on-1 Grow walkthrough with the Breeder himself, Collaboration opportunities, Free monthly MAIL CALL, Be able to vote on which project The Grass Menagerie starts next... and much much more! 
Below will be an explanation on the technology and platform we are using to ADD VALUE to our customer's experience, while also attempting to educate the community about all of the different tools available to them.

Pay with Crypto Currency

Want to pay in Crypto Currency? Enjoy 10% off all orders when you pay with Digital assets!
Email for Wallet address and invoice!!!

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