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Genetics By The Grass Menagerie

Below are the strains that our garden has been running for at least a year. These are the ones that we can confidently say passed each test we ran.  
Strains that have yet to undergo the same testing are also available in the shop but will always be offered at a discounted rate. 
Our first Feminized Seeds Created have been our patient favorites!

The Grass Menagerie Seed Company breeds genetics for our patients. We refuse to use a strain in our work merely because everyone else is using it...and although yield is something we take into consideration while selecting for parents, at the end of the day we are not  recreational cultivators  we are medical patients.

Strain: Nitrogenous

Mother: Northern Lights #5 Bx (Terpy Tom's Cut)
Father: Royal Kush #3 (Skunk Dominant)

Nitrogenous is an F2 of our Royal Kush X Northern Lights #5 Bx. We picked a zesty skunk dominant Royal kush Male and crossed it to the  King of our garden Northern Lights #5 Bx that out performs all other genetics we have ran outdoors in Michigan. The NL5Bx mother we used has been going since the mid 90's and was gifted to us by Terpy Tom in order to save this cherished strain.
You can expect 3 main phenotypes while popping these regular seeds. 1)The first is a very obvious Indica Dominant phenotype that stays very stout and has higher THC levels, bringing out the Afghan in her. Buds on this phenotype were the densest with buds stacking all the way up the arms. More times than not our team will sway towards the Indica leaning plants however , this was the only pheno that was susceptible to mold.   2)The second phenotype is a very tall sativa dominant plant with large internodel spacing. very strong structure. This phenotype will take closer to 11 weeks to finish but will produce the most oil for those looking to make concentrates/hash. 3)The third and favorite phenotype is also a taller sativa dominant plant, with the internodel spacing  very close.  The bud to leaf ratio is a dream for hand trimmers. She produces copious amounts of Trichomes and finishes in 10 weeks or the middle of October outdoors.

Strain: Northern Lights Bx2


Mother: Northern Lights #5 Bx (Terpy Tom's Cut)
Father: Nitrogenous F2

Northern Lights Bx2 is the result of taking our Nitrogenous male and back crossing it with our sacred cutting of Northern Lights #5 Bx. We love this strain due to it being very resilient to pests and mold it is an amazing outdoor strain.  Northern Lights Bx2 is a way for todays smokers  to step into a time machine and revisit a terpene profile that has since been washed out of the gene pools being passed around today. With this second back cross of our #1 mother the skunky, funky first impression that our Nitrogenous had is no longer noticeable, Instead she brought back some of her oldschool stank. Pine, hints of Eucalyptus and Ethanol undertones brought back straight from the 90's.  Structurally this one did not vary much from the father, instead the bud towers that grow on this beast are much thicker than both of the parents and it was a bit quicker to finish flower taking around 9 weeks.

Purple Abazaba


Purple Abazaba is our feminized strain that we got by crossing Fresh Coast Seed Companie's Abazaba and reversed it onto our Purple Rhino. 
Two main phenotypes come out of these seeds. The first is almost an exact replica of the Abazaba we reversed. Taking around 9-10 weeks to finish she is a tall growing lady. With dense golfball nugs that resemble her OG Kush Breath lineage this phenotype has a menthol-minty stem rub with the finishing flower resembling creamy candy. Very resinous plant.
The second phenotype is a bit leggier and gives off more fruity terpenes from the Purple Rhino side, giving it a sharp Pink Starburst smell finishing in the same amount of time. Pheno 2 is the one we kept in our garden but both exhibit such unique qualities offering the highest quality of medicinal cannabis to the grower.

Froot Of The Loom

Feminized Auto Flowers

Froot Of The Loom is our go at creating auto-flowers for our patients. Here at the Grass Menagerie we saw that there was this odd area in the market that inflated the price of Auto-flower seeds whilst only offering Feminized versions of these seeds. With this not allowing your home growers to create more of these autoflower seeds without possibility of getting a Male in the selection we quickly sought out to change that.
Froot Of The Loom is a cross between a Zkittlez Auto x NL5 Auto (R).
We chose to reverse the NL5 Auto due to its structure. We were hoping that it would strengthen the lanky Zkittlez Auto we dropped the pollen onto and we found out that it added much more vigor to both of the phenotypes while also bringing out a unique fruity terpene profile that smells like smarties!

Strain: Karmakazi

Mother: Spirit Train (Kashmir 22 x Trainwreck)
Father: Remington Rot F1 (88Hashplant x Chem D)

Karmakazi is one of our most vigor crosses we have created. Mashing together her straight purple kashmir 22 leaning mother with our resinous rich pistachio smelling Remington Rot Male. Most phenotypes finish within 9-10 weeks and do very well in Michigan Outdoor seasons. She smells of citrus, dumpster, and Body odor. 2 phenotypes have purple hues throughout the buds and often this medicine leans on the day time medicine for me. It doesn't knock me out , yet keeps my mind clear enough to do work. In this cross it REALLY densed up the bud structure and made the plant more stocky than lanky. All around very easy and resilient cultivar.

Strain: Fartfetti

Mother: Chewy Runtz V2 (Gello shots x Runtz)
Father: Remington Rot F1 (88Hashplant x Chem D)

Fartfetti was a cross made because of how gorgeous the mother was. The result made an amazing cultivar with 3 main phenotypes: #1 Was a mostly gassy terpene profile and a massive yielder. #2 was straight purple buds that smell of fermented fruit, and grapes. and #3 which was a nice mix of Gas and candy...specifically smarties smells and flavors. Fartfetti will run 8-9 weeks in flower, and does better indoors rather than a Michigan outdoor. All phenotypes have golf ball dense buds. This is the closest thing to "New school" that I offer, and the only way you will get Fartfetti is if you get it from Bryce personally. It will be used in other work but will not be sold via our seedbanks.

Remington Rot F2

Mother: Remington Rot F1 (88Hashplant x Chem D) (Pistachio)
Father: Remington Rot F1 (88Hashplant x Chem D) (Early finisher, Large Crown)

Our Trusty Remington Rot F2 was created by finding a Pistachio smelling 88Hashplant x Chem D Mother that was completely resilient to powdery mildew and did phenomenal in the Michigan Outdoor season. Pairing it up with a quick finishing male of similar stature and a big globular structure there are complex smells of Chemicals, gas, petrol, pistachio, musk , and forest floor. The hashplant passes on the large bracts and resin sticky stained bud. Short and Stocky she finishes in 8 weeks.

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