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Meet The Breeder

Bryce Meyer was born in Jenison Michigan. At a very early age it was obvious that Bryce enjoyed being of service to other people, and would go out of his way to make sure EVERYBODY was included. With that being said, he never belonged to any ONE group of friends throughout his younger years, rather he had friends from many different groups and didn't mind being able to get along with just about everyone. 
He is married to his highschool sweetheart Samantha, who was also the main reason he embarked on the journey of starting The Grass Menagerie. 

in 2014 Bryce began caring for one of the few patients in the Michigan Medical Marijuana program that was under 18. Making Rick Simpson Oil for his patient he began learning about specific cultivars that help with seizures in hopes of growing them for this patient. After seeing how tough it was to obtain these genetics from a reputable source Bryce made a pact with himself and his patients that ANY genetics he has access to, THEY also can have access to.
In Michigan The Medical scene was still VERY new and One must have already been in "The Circle" in order to obtain these renown genetics that have forged their mark in history...and Bryce was simply NOT in that circle.
How upside down it felt for him to KNOW all of the specifics but then be priced out because he didn't KNOW somebody. 
Imagine a world where the medicine someone needs to function isn't available because of an inflated ego or two? Bryce created The Grass Menagerie Seed Company to obliterate these barriers to comfort, but it wasn't always easy...

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Let's get a bit more personal...

Bryce had always been the weed guy, within the many friend groups he was apart of. Like most people during the times of prohibition he had a "sketchy" run in with a few people he had gotten weed from in the past and he didn't want his friends to ever have to put themselves into that position so he began by just always having an ounce of the best meds he could find at the Time on him and would divide it out into 8 separate bags which his friends would quickly snatch up. The idea behind it was to get cheap meds for him and his friends while NEVER spending his OWN money for Personal use.
This came with the many close call run-ins with friends getting caught and being hounded about WHO they got it from.
With a good head on his shoulders his friends also were loyal in that not one had ever spoke his name when they got busted. 
He repeated many of the same mistakes in College but didn't have such good pick in friends during that Time...This Time having a run-in with the law that forever changed the course of his life.

As you can imagine Never quite getting into trouble but having many close calls caused a great deal of stress on his family and Bryce KNEW this.  Thinking he was doing the right thing by obtaining his Medical Marijuana License as soon as he turned 18, he also bought his Dad tickets to go see the band "Styx" for father's day. The grand plan was to tell his dad what he had done, one on one, Man-to-man. The reaction Bryce got from his Dad was NOT what he was hoping for. His Dad did not approve. 

With that, Bryce continued to live a second life, by not letting his parents know he had been working for a Marijuana facility in his extra time to pay for college. Going to College for Environmental Science and working all his extra Time at a Marijuana facility taking advantage of being able to learn and shadow such a large operation still felt like living two separate lives. His degree didn't really relate with what his heart was aligned with.
As Soon as Bryce turned 21 he applied to be a caregiver for 5 patients, one of those included his Wife Samantha who suffers from Bipolar , and Fibromyalgia. It took Bryce 6 years to get through College, his first major was Mortuary Science, his second Major was Environmental Science, and in the middle of the 5th year of college the love of his life explained that he has a special gift when it comes growing this plant FOR people.
Up until this point Bryce had been trying to get through college to show his parents he could do it...he never thought about what he REALLY wanted to do with his life AFTER getting that paper diploma. He was okay with settling for a boring 9-5 job with great benefits and a boss to report to.
Samantha was the catalyst for this massive change in 2017, implanting the seed of "why couldn't you..." into Bryce's reality. It was that year Bryce filled the rest of his college schedule with Botany, fungi, and microbiology classes. Not only did he major in Ethnobotany but he Minored in Criminal Justice which LATER came in handy in not allowing the alphabet squad to walk all over him in his own house.

At the End of his 5th year of college and after he changed his degree for the final time, he had a come to Jesus talk with both of his parents about what it was that he did and who he provides for.
"They will either not support me and still love me, or will support me and love me more for being my authentic self", he had been doing it without their support the whole time so the thought of not being supported by his family was a normalized thing.
After the talk it was to no surprise that both his father and mother took the time to try and understand how their son could have fallen in love with this plant.

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Psychedelics Saved Me

When Bryce was in middle school he had entered one of the toughest periods of his life. During this Time he fell into a severe depression, struggling to feel any sort of value within his being. After failed attempts at suicide, one night at a sleepover with his friends he was blessed with a safe place to experience his first Psychedelic Mushroom Experience.  
Studies show that Magic Mushrooms have a neuro-plasticity effect on our brains, where it actually stimulates using new synapses to arrive at the same stimulation. This allows a "depressed" brain to feel revitalized after ingesting psilocybin.
Think of it like all of the roads to "happiness" are all clogged. So your brain just doesn't bother going down those routes any more...Instead psilocybin stimulates OTHER pathways to be discovered, giving your brain another chance at remember what these pathways have to offer.

After this Spiritual experience Bryce became infatuated with what The Psychedelic Experience had to offer.
How deep DID the hole go? Was He up for the test? 
From mushrooms he made his way through experiencing each of the wisdom plants, and learned to walk in the presence of the Spirit Elders.
Bryce spent lots of Time digging in the deep caverns of his mind, learning why he was the way he was, Even having a breakthrough Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Experience which he described as "Taking all of the hard-to-swallow pills at once".

After many of his own experiences he then began guiding his friends through their own spiritual journeys catering to the whole experience, being OF the experience the whole time. Experiencing everything from Recreating spiritual experiences for others , as well as learning what everyone needs is different through a few dumpster fire techniques.
This was about the time he began getting into Mycology and learning more about mushrooms, but the more he dove into the subject the less and less likely it seemed that the timing was right with introducing an "Apothecary" type store for access to Psilocybin. 

One of Bryce's favorite books is Sun Tzu's: Art of War, and he knew that in order to bring "The Psychedelic Experience" to every American's door step, the SEEDS must be planted to first INFECT the community,  with more than an idea, but a MOVEMENT. 
His favorite quote is one by Peter Thiel, "People always say you should live your life as if it were your last day. I think you should live your life as though it will go on for ever; that every day is so good that you don't want it to end. I don't think success is complicated; if you do something that works, then it's a success."
The scope at which Bryce's mind runs at is much larger than most people can comprehend and so he set out to create something much larger than himself.

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Bryce believes that the seeds he has a part in creating hold the potential for rapid Multi-dimensional healing. He once described what he was doing here at The Grass Menagerie as fulfilling all of the dreams he has ever had, at all of the major transformation periods of his life: Sharing the value of diversity, Free education, Becoming an artist, Helping the less fortunate over seas, becoming financially literate, and well, as long as the story is continuing to unfold, the list goes on! This is where the Legacy of Bryce Meyer Begins. iT has turning Real life experiences, into Time capsules, that when grown and interacted with communicate a message that when combined can be looked at as an Art piece.
Where the "artist statement" is intentionally encoded into many different aspects of the Art piece.

One story that not many hear starts off like many childhood memories, Bryce's Mom and Dad both asked what it was he wanted to do when he grew up. Not really being sure as a 12 year old he just blurted out what he enjoyed doing. ART TEACHER! was his response...and following his response was a long sigh from his mother and a look that followed like she was saying "are you going to tell him or do I have to?"

Dad gave a chuckle and with a straightening of his posture and a raise of the eyebrow he slipped in there..."Its very difficult to get a job as an Art Teacher, and if that's what you decide to do WE are not paying for it."
This was one of the first "Dreams" Bryce remembers being shattered. 
Through every creation Bryce Makes it is MUCH more than just a seed, or a plant. There is a story behind EVERY strain. Nothing he does is done by accident and EVERYTHING has a deeper meaning with this man.

Remington Rot is what he is currently most known for. The Remington Rot is Named after Bryce's furry son Remington, a King Charles Cavalier.
Bryce has always wanted to be a father his whole life, but never did he realize what magic a dog could bring to his life. The lessons, the comradery, the responsibility, and everything in between. He had this spot on his mouth that collected all of the slobber, and when Bryce would go in for a kiss he would get some of "The Rot" smeared across his face which smelled like Death and decay. Most cringe at this idea...Not Bryce, he grew to love the stench and everything that came with that special dog. The story goes that a year after Remi was rescued by Bryce and his wife he went deaf. As Time went on Remi began to develop the ability to communicate telepathically with Bryce...
After fine tuning their brand new abilities they Co-created The Remington Rot line.
Remi will always be a foundation in Bryce's life from the backbone of his genetic library to meaningful life lessons and experiences had with that special dog.

We could and might very well one day create a whole section on the backstory of EACH creation, but there are SOME strains when asked about that have VERY REAL stories with VERY REAL lessons and for that reason Bryce shares only a handful of these stories to be published, the other Episodes you must show up for yourself by asking him. 
His Strain: Karmakazi was inspired by being a suicide attempt survivor, while: Ego Death was inspired by being a survivor of Childhood sexual abuse....
Each one of these strains contribute to the whole story and individually hold Timeless wisdom within the stories that will be told about their manifestation. 
It was on purpose that Bryce did these things so that the HARD conversations can be had. He knew he would have to tell his story over and over again, but he also knew that this was precisely what would allow him to begin healing from such a journey. A difficult obstacle Bryce kept running into is being able to LOVE himself even though this was in fact his story. He did this by putting Time, Love, and Intention into every one of his seeds so that even when they represented the DARKEST times of his life, he loved them all the same for what they were and what they intricate part of his magnificent Story.




At some point during your stay in our community it may feel like you entered the conversation at the wrong Time...many Times. Bryce is a BIG thinker, and its often that he does most of his bigger thinking off-planet. What is normal in these areas is NOT normal for Earth. In order to encourage telling our truths Bryce often will explain exactly what is on his mind but will forget none of us have any understanding how teleportation works, or how him and his dog created a telepathic bond which they used to create the Remington Rot line, Let's not forget Nobody has asked how The Grass Menagerie is funded if ALL profits are donated to charity. It's almost like Magic. So we call it how it is. 
No conversation is too 'out of this world' for Bryce, he has entertained it all as possible. While catering to this mind-set he unlocked the adult playground most call life.

We run with this theme at The Grass Menagerie to fulfill a certain level of mystery for enquiring minds, and to satisfy the "story-teller" we have boiling within us all and to be completely real with everyone, believe it or not, we too like to have fun :)

The best advice I can give is if something SOUNDS too weird it probably IS. If you are left confused and frustrated just keep doom scrolling it likely is just Doctor Seuss coming out in us. If such chatter interests you please ADD to the controlled chaos! We love all beings that choose to give us their valuable attention.

Many of us wizards have phased into this specific Time in order to remind our fellow Magical beings that they too carry with them the essence to create Magic and Unlock the adult playground for free roam; once and for all.


The Oracle has Spoken

So what does the future of The Grass Menagerie look like? Without giving away more information than our main Wizard wants to reveal The Grass Menagerie will forever be the Vault for open access genetics geared towards EVERYONE. One of the goals Bryce set out to do was lower the barrier to entry when it comes to the price of Connoisseur grade genetics, this will ALWAYS be top priority for The Grass Menagerie , right behind Educating the masses on sustainable practices, and regenerative agricultural techniques. 

As always there will only ever be 1 release/drop per year. Bryce began breeding under the sun and plans to stay in touch with Gaia as the co-creator to everything he comes out with. Although this seems less than ideal because many other seed companies release new drops every month, Bryce has also been working very hard in the back-round on multiple companies that will later tie in with what he is doing at The Grass Menagerie. 
We understand that one day we will come to a tipping point where the demand is too high to limit ourselves to 1 drop per year. Around this Time (if not sooner) the Genesis of our Luxury brand will launch. 
This luxury brand will cater to Bryce's closest followers, and those on a similar healing journey. While The Grass Menagerie will continue to offer a wide variety of genetics and education, most of the drops released by The Grass Menagerie are to fulfill  all of the different types of smells and flavors on the big wheel of Terpenes. We want to be able to offer options for what ever smell or flavor it is you want to experience!
On the contrary, the upcoming luxury brand will strictly be what Bryce is currently interested in, and will only release projects that have been worked a minimum of 4 generations. 
On top of that, limited amounts of each release will be made to also add an element of scarcity, but instead of buying your pack of seeds and forgetting about the most important part, "The Journey" each pack will come with a redemption for a free pack on the NEXT drop. Once the next drop is released the grower with the redemption code can choose to pay $20 to renew their Free pack redemption for yet ANOTHER free pack at THE NEXT drop OR they can just pocket their free pack and walk away!

The Future is looking Magical will you be apart of iT?

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