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What is the $Grass Reward Token?

The $Grass Reward token is a token that is handed out to our supporters that purchase merchandise, Donate, and Win Giveaways. $Grass is not just any old reward token, it is an asset that will hold value in MANY ways. Collect $Grass and turn them in to the company wallet for discounts on Merch, First dibs on new drops, access to in-house clones, and plenty more is planned for The Grass Menagerie's Token ecosystem. 

Plants are not the only areas that Bryce is involved in. He also is apart of other communities that have developed, and built financial tools on the XRP Ledger.
Bryce Is taking what he has learned while being apart of these communities to help add value to HIS OWN community, and that begins with informing his supporters of alternative methods to banking, and equal opportunity investing. One of the goals Bryce had in mind while creating the $Grass token was to give his supporters the education needed to utilize the Digital wallet in place for a bank account which charges its customers for having BELOW a certain balance. 

Charging fees for not keeping a minimum in your bank account prices out people that live pay check to pay check, and we see that these people do not have access to the same services as people able to make the minimum balance do.

Below will be further education on what the XRP Ledger is, How to create a Digital Wallet, what it is used for, how it will benefit The Grass Menagerie, and how it can benefit YOU. After the nice educational section, and tutorial on how to set up your own digital wallet will be a more detailed explanation as to why you may want to COLLECT, and HOLD the $Grass you receive. 

    What is the XRP Ledger(XRPL)?

    Imagine you have a special notebook where you can write down all the things you buy or sell. This notebook is called the XRP Ledger. It's like your own special book for keeping track of your money.

    Now, let's say you want to buy a toy from your friend. You write down in your notebook that you gave your friend some of your special tokens called XRP. Your friend also writes in their notebook that they received those tokens from you.

    But here's the cool part: instead of just you and your friend having the notebooks, there are many other people who also have the same notebook. They all keep track of the transactions and make sure everything is fair and correct.

    These people are like the helpers who make sure everyone is playing by the rules. They check all the notebooks and agree on what happened in each transaction. This way, nobody can cheat or take more tokens than they should.

    The XRP Ledger is like a big network of these notebooks and helpers. It helps people send money to each other quickly and safely. It's like a special system that makes sure everyone is being honest and that the transactions happen really fast.

    Next Setup your Trustlines to receive $GRASS AND $RESIN


    When you click the links to BUY or TRADE your assets you will be brought to "Sologenic's User Interface exchange". First you will have to connect your wallet in the upper right hand corner of the page in tandem with your Xumm Wallet. Once your wallet is connected you will be able to make Market buys/sells or Limit order buys/sells.

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