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Nitrogenous (Vaulted)

Nitrogenous (Vaulted)

Nitrogenous is an F2 of our Royal Kush X Northern Lights #5 Bx. We picked a zesty skunk dominant Royal kush Male and crossed it to the most vigourus Northern Lights #5 Bx that out performs all other genetics we have ran outdoors in Michigan. The NL5Bx mother we used has been going since the mid 90's and was gifted to us by Terpy Tom in order to save this cherished strain.

You can expect 3 main phenotypes while popping these regular seeds. 1)The first is a very obvious Indica Dominant phenotype that stays very stout and has higher THC levels. The most Afghan dominant pheno of the 3 phenotypes 2)The second phenotype was the skunk dominant phenotype. Very tall sativa dominant plant with large internodel spacing. This phenotype will take closer to 11 weeks to finish but will produce the most oil for those looking to make concentrates/hash. 3)The third and favorite phenotype has a skunky first impression, notes of Pine and citrus. also a taller sativa dominant plant, with internodel spacing that is very close. Buds stack right on top of each other. The high is very clear headed and euphoric in the beginning and works its way relieving pain all the way down to the bones; balancing out some of the sativa effects but never couch locking the user making it an enjoyable smoke for even the first timers out there.  Easiest to trim 10 week strain producing copius amounts of Trichomes with the ability to support itself.

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