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Divine Spirit (Annunaki Genetics)

Divine Spirit (Annunaki Genetics)

This is a 6-pack of Regular Seeds

While we are typically inclined to breed with varieties that we ourselves have created, every so often we find some true gems bred by a few respected or popular seed brands that we find to be so inviting so as to integrate in our breeding projects. 

Although matching Spirit in the Sky with Citrus Sap may sound like we are breeding based on names and hype, we aren’t. We grow all sorts of hyped names that others regularly breed with only to find out that that’s all it ever was in the first place: just hype and good marketing. 

So when we do decide to breed with big names like these you can be assured that we have trialed the parents in our gardens for 4 to 6 months minimum (in this instance, we’ve grown Spirit in the Sky for over 3 years) before ever sending them to the breeding room. Additionally, we then spend another 4-6 months of trialing the seeds before deciding to release them to market. (NB: This is our stock-in-trade, in all humility. We premise our crew’s integrity on our ethical practices and offer you no less.)

For this project (as with each one of our many creations) we moved forward because of our intimate first hand experience growing these incredible powerhouses in our garden. And the progeny are something truly special!

The chromosomes have combined wonderfully as we have found every one of the phenotypes that we’ve grown to be absolute keepers. The very gratifying resin-enveloped buds are a reward unto themselves, but the fragrance from these make for a multi-sensory experience bordering the sublime. Our favorite resembles a towering Spirit in the Sky plant complete with ‘resin rails’ on the fans, and which exudes that long-lasting full and distinctive Tangie (via Citrus Sap) aroma familiar to those that have had the privilege of knowing Tangie. We continue to trial more of these seeds as we expect to find more keepers, but also to find the ones which are resistant to powdery mildew (which should be a trait of many of these seeds). 

As for the name of this cross, it so happened that one of our crew who deals with an extreme chronic medical condition got to trial it earlier. That person described the experience as trance-like in a meditative sense. Becalmed, they said, in a unified wholeness. This Geist or spirit is divinity incarnate: the Divine Spirit.

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