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The Grass Menagerie Seed Company

Safeguarding Connoisseur Cannabis Genetics since 2014


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Affordable and Attainable

The Grass Menagerie Seed Company is an industry leading Seed bank, dedicated to saving heirloom genetics that thrive in Mid-west North American climate. We were founded in 2014 by Bryce our lead breeder and Garden Guru. Starting out as a miracle project to satisfy the needs of an 8 year old patient, The Grass Menagerie then started breeding for a Terpene profile that had been "permanently lost" in the 80's coming from the Legendary Skunk #1. After 3 years of fine tuning our strain we call Nitrogenous, we found this strain is an amazing medicine for PTSD and Pain alike.  This website allows people all around the world to see which genetics we have in the vault.  Email us with any questions we would be happy to help you out!

Visit the "About The Breeder" Tab to Learn more about Bryce's story. The Grass Menagerie Represents The journey of Cannabis legalization and Scientific research through the eyes of the One and Only Bryce Meyer.

What inspired him? Who drove him to RISK it ALL? What lies did he tell himself?

It hasn't always been a story of Bright Green and Purple Sticky Buds. Learn about some of the Trials and Tribulations The Grass Menagerie has faced, and get a sneak peek as to What the FUTURE holds in the "About The Breeder" Tab!

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